At Mountain Monarch Health we strive to source high quality, organically grown herbs, as locally as we can if not grown ourselves. It's important for us to support organic gardeners and save our forests, therefore we do not wild harvest and do our part by spreading seed and planting native plants in Fall and Spring. We work with the phases of the moon for a deeper connection with the universe. Making medicine is part of a ceremony, practicing gratitude for the plants and their healing abilities. Specific healing intentions are put into each and every bottle for the best health benefits possible.

TaiMarie Jaques is the owner and holistic practitioner of Mountain Monarch Health. Tai is passionate about natural health and enjoys working with the holistic body.  Tai completed her massage therapy training in 2013 and fell in love with the human body and helping others.  She realized there was more she wanted to do to help her clients so she decided to enroll herself in Herbal Medicine School. Tai is a graduate of Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine taught by two of her most respected herbal elders Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes. Tai is trained in Energetic Herbalism and is passionate about finding the root of an ailment. She believes the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies are all connected and works with all of those aspects to support ones health. Tai is currently attending Nutrition school and specializes in Keto and Paleo focused lifestyles.

She approaches each client thoughtfully, with an open heart and open mind. Her goal is to provide a comfortable environment, free of judgement and full of love for people of all kinds. Tai loves cooking healthy meals and hanging with her furry companion and the plants, outdoors as much as possible.  Tai is truly honored to have found her calling in this life and looks forward to continuing to learn from plants, nature and her clients while working in beautiful Wallowa County.